"I have not consumed any beef products for the past 2 years due to the way cattle are treated when butchered and because of what they are being fed. (antibiotics, corn, hormones etc...) I did however find myself missing an occasional burger or steak. Recently I purchased beef products from Meadowbrook Farms because of how their cattle are raised and treated for butchering. The meat was very "clean" tasting and I had peace of mind knowing where it came from. I would recommend their beef products to anyone who is interested not only in their own health but the wellbeing of their food source."

- Amy E Klaus

“Memorial Day Weekend 2009 my family and I were fortunate enough to participate in 3 celebratory cookouts. Being a beef lover, I had a minimum of one hamburger at each event. By far, the hamburger(s) I had from Jeff & Meadow Brook Farms was superior! With a piece of cheese, and some ketchup and mayonnaise, my weekend was made. (I also snuck in a steak from MBF that was to die for)”

- Scott Rubel

"Higher quality meat then the grocery store and I like to support the locals in the area. Everything I’ve gotten is better then then grocery store and I know if I have a problem I can come back and they would take care of me. Love the meat and no problems to date!"

- Shelli Field

"It is always a delight to support local organic farmers and I was delighted recently when I purchased the delicious hamburger patties from Meadow Brooks Farm. Dealing with Cheyenne is always an absolute pleasure and their beef was great. The burgers had minimal fat content and they were huge! I thoroughly recommend them"

- N. James, Doylestown

Better Beef
Did you know that beef has eight times more vitamin B12, six times more zinc and more iron than a chicken breast? And when the cattle are raised in a healthier way, it’s even better for you and the environment. Free-range, grass finished Black Angus cattle, certified by the PA Beef Quality Assurance agency are raised at Meadow Brook Farms—a family business on a beautiful 140-acre farm in Springtown. They offer steaks, burgers, roasts and specialty items from cattle raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Available at various markets or at the farm.

- Brenda Lange for FAB Finds in Suburban Life 

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