Jeff’s What-to-do-with-leftover-steak Fajitas

A one-pan meal in just minutes.

Thinly slice (1/4-inch) leftover steak.
Slice onions and peppers, whatever you enjoy or have on hand.
Place in skillet. (Jeff likes to use the cast-iron skillet from his grandparents.)
Sauté’ meat, onions and peppers in olive oil until peppers and onions are soft and golden on the edges.

Salt and pepper to your liking.

Add spices you enjoy. Have fun!

Once it is cooked to your liking, warm your tortilla by placing it over the meat for a minute or until soft, warm and ready to eat.

If cooking for a larger crew, you may wish to use a separate skillet or the oven to warm the tortillas.

Place tortilla on your plate, fill with meat, pepper and onions; sprinkle with cheese of your choice, salsa, sour cream, the sky is the limit! Enjoy !