Cheyenne’s Feed-a–Few-or-the-Crew Bar-B-Q

Note: you will need a lid that fits the pan you choose.

In a skillet, fry pan or cast iron pan ,put 2 tablespoons olive oil.

Add 1 pound Quality All-Natural Ground Beef (Meadow Brook Farms , of course!) and 1 finely chopped small, sweet onion.

Sometimes, I add finely chopped sweet peppers or green pepper but not too much green as it can be too strong for our taste.

Add salt and ground black pepper.

Cook covered, stirring when needed until it is light brown.

Remove the lid and let it cook down and brown a bit more.

Add barbeque sauce. (I prefer KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce original but any will do.)

Add tomato ketchup, brown sugar, Lea & Perrins thick Worcestershire sauce to taste.