Products - Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance, no added growth hormones, no antibiotics

Ground Beef

Ground Beef
(1 lb. pack) $5.00/lb.

6 oz Patties
(4 per pack) $8.50

4 oz Patties
(5 lb pack) $27.50


Chuck Roast $5.70/lb
Round Roast 5.70/lb
Eye Round Roast $8.00/lb
Sirloin Tip $11.00 lb


Flank Steak $12.00/lb
New York Strip $15.00/lb
Delmonico $15.00/lb
Filet $22.00/lb
Sirloin Steak $9.00 lb
Chuck Steak $6.00 lb
Skirt Steak $12.00 lb
T- Bone $15.00 lb
Porterhouse $15.00 lb
London Broil $7.50 lb

Specialty Items

Hot Dogs $7.50/lb.
(50% Beef 50% PA Pork)

Beef Jerky $22.00/lb.

Beef Ring Bologna
$6.50 (half)
$10.00 (whole)

Beef Sticks (pack of six)$5.00
Chip Steak (1 lb pack) $7.50/lb
Short Ribs $5.00/lb
Kabobs $9.00/lb
Beef Cubes $7.00/lb
Heart - Liver $3.50/lb
Ox Tail $5.00/lb
Dog Treats - By request
Marrow Bones - By request
Shin Bones - By request
Shank Bones - By request
Neck Bones - By request

Vacuum packed and frozen fresh unless special ordered.

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Prices subject to change. Orders taken for half and quarters or by the pound.

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