Meadow Brook Farms’ mission is to balance modern agriculture with Mother Nature and to provide a healthy environment for the animals we raise and the people we employ. Serving as good stewards of the land while providing healthy, high-quality beef to our customers.


Welcome to Meadow Brook Farms, a family farm in beautiful Upper Bucks County.

The Meases are proud to bring you locally grown, all natural, quality beef from the Black Angus cattle they raise on 140 acres of rolling hillside and woods, bordered by Cook’s Creek and within walking distance of the Knecht’s Covered Bridge, just outside of Springtown, Pa.

Like the historic area it calls home, the farm has quite a history as well. The land that is now Meadow Brook Farms has been a working family farm since William Penn received his charter in 1681 for the region that would become Pennsylvania. Families raised chickens, ducks and dairy cows and produced eggs, milk and a variety crops. For generations, people have come to the farm for local, natural food.

In 2002 Jeff, Cheyenne and Nevada Mease began raising and selling quality, natural Black Angus beef. 

The cattle are free-range, vegetarian-fed and grass-finished. Raised without antibiotics or added hormones their beef is also Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified – only the finest – from their family to yours.